2015 Summer Blockbuster Bonspiel

First Draws

Here are your first draw times! Complete draw chart to be posted soon!



Brooklyn Lakeside Curling Club (Curl NYC) vs Iron Fox 

SL,UT’s vs Ooootopia
Gross Pointe Blank Ends vs Slick Vic and the 3 Sweeps


Team Ha Ha Ha! vs Eletric Slide

 Team McDonald vs Broom Runner 

Can/Am vs Jumbo’s Clowns
We Party With SL,UTs vs Beachin' Curlers 

Curlifornia vs Kuhl and the Gang


8-Bit Sliders vs ‘Merica Home Sweep Home 

Team Zissou vs Purple Ice
Stanley and the Sperminators vs Bond Girls 

Rocks of Fire vs Dena's Deviants 

Junior Deuce vs The Jerks

3:15pm 3:45pm Opening Ceremony


Team MarKiltski vs Hollywood All Stars
The Hot Shots vs Hello Curling
Indiana Stones and the Temple of Broom vs Cross Border Curlers
Mixed Shaken and Stirred vs Fellowship of the Rings

5:30pm 8:00pm Banquet


Moretto's Dirty Fiends vs T.I.T.S 

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