Are you interested in curling for your university? Whether you're brand new to the sport or an a former Junior champion, we can help you get started.

We're looking for organized and ambitious college students who want to start clubs at their respective universities with the goal of forming a collegiate league. We want to see UCLA vs. USC on the ice! CalTech's cerebral athletes master "chess on ice" or CSUN take home ice advantage at our rink in Panorama City! Any local college or university is welcome to come on board as we work to make this a reality.

It doesn't just end on the Hollywood Curling ice. There is a National College Curling Championship as well as Junior (U21) competitions. This could be the start of your Olympic career!

Next steps:

1) Email us if you're interested in starting a club at your school. We can assist with instruction, technical knowledge, organizing ice time, and other materials to get your school club going.

2) Check out the College Curling website for more information on championship opportunities and requirements to participate. 

3) Sign up for our mailing list and receive updates as we move forward. If you're already on our general mailing list, sign up below to receive College Curling specific notifications.

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4) Learn to curl! Come out to one of our sessions to give a shot and bring some classmates with you!

We look forward to seeing you on the ice!

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