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By signing up for this mailing list, you will be able to send and receive emails from people needing subs for league play.  
When using this list, please only send emails the the general list once; please respond off the list directly to the other person, and do not have conversations cc'd to the entire group.  This list is open to anyone to join.

New Sub Policy effective 9/20/13
Cost to sub when leagues are full:
$10 for members
$20 for non-members

Any curler may sub up to 50% of the total games in a league.  A curler that subs more than half of a league must pay the full registration dues of that league.
For example:  In the case of a 10 week league, any sub that curls more than 5 times will be considered a full league member, and will owe the balance of the the full league dues.  In the case of a 5 week league, any sub that curls 3 times or more will pay the full league dues.

This policy is subject to change.  Have questions about this?  Email the board, and we'll discuss it at the next meeting, or find any one of us to chat in person!

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